Cleveland, OH


Tony Petkovesek's Thanksgiving Festival
held at the Marriott Downtown Cleveland
Nov. 27th & 28th, 2003.


Steve performing with (L-R) Eric, Eddie, Hank T. and Bobby D. Steve, entertaining at John & Karrie's hospitality party in Cleveland, OH 11/2000.   Tom is laughing because he removed the reeds from his accordion before he let me play it. 


John Gostomski, Karrie Lane, Wanda Sokolowski, Judy Meisner and Steve in Cleveland, OH for Thanksgiving Polka Fest Weekend. Sandy Habat, Nancy Noltkamper, Johnny Vadnal, Steve, & Mark Habat in Cleveland, OH for the Cleveland Polka Hall of Fame Awards Show. John Pecon, Joe Peinecki, Eddie Habat, Joey Miskulin, Tony Vadnal, Denny Bucar, and Steve at the Cleveland Polka Hall of Fame. Steve, Chris Doszak, Larry Sokolowski, Gary Hendrickson, Lynn Marie Rink, Danny Wojtila, and Ralph Delagati at Sterle's Country House in Cleveland during Steve's performance.


Cor Vermaning from Holland and Steve.  Nancy Noltkamper, Steve and Tom Fudala