Steve's 40th Birthday 2001

Happy 40th Birthday to me.....

Steve on his Big Day Steve & Barb Church Lady Steve & Michelle
 Barb, Steve, Kerri, and John Dwight, Mary, Steve & Barb Tom, Kerri, Duane and Kenny   
 Frank & Judy Ferd Bashel on Bass Joey Klass on accordion Jimmy Joe Billy & Kenny Jimmy Joe Tom Al & Kenny Karrie Steve & Barb;  I couldn't blow out all of the candles.  Just too many! My Buddy's;  L-R Chris, John, Me, Eric, Jeff, Grant, & Jimmy @ bottom. Steve Barb & Shell cake; our birthdays are Steve & Michelle (my sister) April 17th and my wife Barb is April 7th. Steve Cake; The last supper cake. Steve, Verne & Michelle cake. The Silber's and the Church Lady.
Steve Surprise;  My surprise as I entered the building the first time. Steve & Steve;  My old pal from the Melody Bar days Steve Silber. Steve Meisner Fan;  The come in all shapes and sizes!