The Steve Meisner Band

Here they are in all of there glory!

  Jammin with old friends Lynn Schaefer (recently deceased) and brother Lyle Schaefer at Sam & Myrna Pecorilla's Polka Jamboree in Monroe, Oregon.  Lynn & Lyle are from the Seattle, WA area.  


When in Denver I decided to take some photo's for my Christmas recording. The snow in Denver was beautiful.  This shot was taken outside the El Jebel Shrine Temple where we played for 3 days. 

The band consisted of myself, Eddie Klancnik from Nashville, TN on drums, Eric Noltkamper from Cleveland, OH on banjo & guitar, and Bill Hagemann from Janesville, WI on Sax.

My love to everyone,

Steve, Ed Klancnik, Eric Noltkamper, Bill Hagemann